Quick Note to Self

2 min readApr 8, 2022

Feeling Better

We feel better, by taking actions, by making changes, that means that when we are uncomfortable, we take actions to make ourselves feel comfortable, whether that is hygiene, taking shower, cooling down, heating up, hunger, sleep, rest, headaches, depression, sadness, greed, anger, frustration, envy, jealously.

These things come and go, they are all impermanent.

The problem is that, we are thinking about the uncomfortable-ness,

For example, when we are hot, and we just sit around and think that,

“Oh, it’s so hot, we can’t cool down, it’s uncomfortable”,

Instead of taking actions to fix, or change the environment around us so that we can cool down.

The better way to live would be, doing exacting that, being so present in each moment, that every act, behavior, and action, are consciously done.

If it’s hot, we make it cool.

If we are uncomfortable, we make ourselves comfortable.

It’s this ability to make decisions, act, and perform from the heart — from the place of love.

That is directly bypassing the mind., the thinking mind.

Because sometimes, the more that we think, we often just talk ourselves out of it, or we just stop the momentum by thinking too much.

As we quiet down more, and open up our hearts, every act that we do: doing, speaking, listening, is coming from the heart. You will begin to live by, and go by, and follow your heart more, as you start expericing the process of — opening of our heart.

This way, even if you have a lot of things to do, if you can come to your heart and just take actions more, and focus just on the present moment, and to have the awareness, To Be Here right now, at this moment,

And to see with a better view of all the different things: the activities, the duties, and their level of urgency in respect to how each actions and behaviors will affect what we care the most about.

One can see that at one level, there is an order of importance, in another words, priorities.

And one can see from another level, that there are choices and decisions happening, but there is nobody there to make the choices and decisions. It is all just happening. Happening in the Tao, which means “The Way of Things”.




Growth is very much like the snake shedding off its skin. You can’t rip the skin off the snake 👁