2 min readApr 2, 2022
The unfolding process

It’s all perfect. Every part of the birth you are taking is part of the unfolding of the karma you need to burn through.

There is not one experience you are having or could have or have had that is not part of that process.

Each of us is an entity, and there are individual differences in each of us, at the entity level,

and you could call these individual differences, if you want to call it and translate it into western science, it’s like the “DNA Code”, we have different programs, we are individual difference in program, just think of it as program stuff, just program stuff.

Each of us has been born into a birth, that’s different from saying,

I am this.

This is the package in which I am.

But in each birth, the likelihood of awakening gets better and better.

And at some birth in this sequence, which is unidirectional, which everybody is going through.

This is the process of human evolution. The evolution of human consciousness.

But in each birth, the likelihood of awakening gets better and better, and at some birth, in this sequence, which is uni-directional, which everybody is going through, this is the process of human evolution, of evolution of consciousness.

At some point you awaken to the predicament of what you were doing here, of the whole business of having taken an incarnation. And when that starts, then the whole name of the game changes, then the meaning of your life changes from then on, the whole thing starts to become something different, and the work you do from then on, and the meaning of every act you perform starts to be different from that point on.

So while I am taking about incarnations as if they were in time, they actually are not.

They are from only from where we are looking at them, they are in the illusion of time. But back a few of them, they all are, they are like on pile of top of each other.

Every incarnation that you ever were, or you ever will be is already right here.




Growth is very much like the snake shedding off its skin. You can’t rip the skin off the snake 👁