Start of Each Day

3 min readApr 7, 2022

Wake up and start!

Notice how we feel, but just be present at this moment.

We don’t really need to think in terms of priorities, but we can.

Start working on, taking actions, doing, thinking, planning, on activities that we think needed help the most. Start with the priority.

For example, our classes or our school, isn’t going well, we need to study, prepare for an exam, we need to catch up and do reading, do assignments.

Or it can be our job, we need to look for a new job, we need to get a job, we need to fix your current job.

Or that it could be our apartment, our home, that it’s a total mess, and we don’t have a clean and clear space to think and live.

We realize that our environment is not ideal, is not efficient, and that we can maximize our space and environment, we realize that there is utility to be used in our apartment, in our space, places and things that can be changed, altered, or be used.

Or that can be our relationships, friends, best friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, partners, or that could be our relationships with our parents, our family, our professors, our classmates, our mentors, our boss, our co-workers.

So it’s not a matter of we wake up and start doing, but it’s we wake up and come to the realization and the mindset that,

Okay, lets be present, this is where I am today, this is how I feel. And we move on, we take actions, be in motion, be present, and look to fix or work on the things that are on our mind.

We could naturally do this in the order of importance, be aware of due dates, deadline, by the end of the week for assignments, and make appointments, reservations, planning for next week, next month.

There is no rule of how we should or should not be, but to wake up feeling grateful and happy, and content, to start a new day to be better, to enjoy the weather, to be in the sun, to exercise, recover, and do physical therapy, and just be with the people that you love, and that everybody in your life is healthy, your pets, — is the greatest feeling, to just be appreciative and grateful.

But the problem is that, if you wake up stupefied, from last night’s partying, or from skewed and unsound decision making, where we wake up feeling hangover, depressed, sad, unproductive, unmotivated, uninspired, and just a feeling of terrible shit-ness, then we need to think about our decisions, our actions,

We are experiencing, cognitive dissonant, when our feelings and thoughts are not congruent with our actions and behaviors, and the feeling of cognitive dissonant is physically uncomfortable, but it is also very difficult to change our behavior and action to match what we feel and think because it is easy to trivialize, ignore, forget, and minimize, the consequences of our actions.

Also if we wake up really stupefied, hang-over, fucked up, that we can’t do anything but to drink water and chill, and come down the next day, then we can’t think and have a clear view of our priorities, or the things, the activities, the duties, the responsibilities, and rank them in order of importance.

Our judgments are clouded by desires.

This in fact will affect our mood greatly, because we seem to be stuck and not be doing anything and be totally lost and stupefied, this may easily lead to us waiting again for the next fix, the next high, the next whatever, to make us feel okay, and that this type of behavior can become negative and destructive, unproductive, and a sense of non-progression.

Whatever actions and decisions we make, we can ask our self,

Is this the statement of who I am?

Is my action that I am doing, a reflection of who I am now, from this present moment?

Am I recreating the best image of myself every moment?




Growth is very much like the snake shedding off its skin. You can’t rip the skin off the snake 👁