3 min readApr 10, 2021

Quiet down within. Learn to not be attached to our feelings

Be present and stay here as often as we can

Sri Ramana Maharshi — Beautiful Indian saint

When we get to see every failure, setback, and events that didn’t go according to our plan, as teachings, there is nothing to fear or lose.

When we say, “I feel awful, depressed, down, miserable etc”. This is coming from the level of the Ego. Who we are behind the melodrama isn’t happy nor sad. It isn’t up nor down. The awareness is just here. It is not judging, it is simply observing.

We may be totally identified with the Ego at times. But there is a part of us that is beyond the Ego and the thinking mind. Cultivate the awareness of our beings and learn to not get lost in the melodrama of our life situations.

Life situations exist in time, our life is now. -Eckhart Tolle

The Ego exists, the Self or the soul also exists. The body and the personality also exist. Awareness is.

Reality very much depends on where we are looking at.

Spiritual maturity is to go from seeing everything as an absolute reality to relative reality. Each perspective is equally right.

When we are not totally identified with our melodrama, or our disease, we can really be here and take in the moment fully.

It is best to be truthful about where we are at and let the unfolding happens at the rate it unfolds 😊

Every experience, up or down, good or bad, beautiful or awful, is a process of coming to the light. When we gain or win, it is to remind us to not get trapped or lost in our desires — the desires to collect, achieve, amass, or covet. When we lose and fall, it is to remind us that we are too attached to the outcomes — the fruits of the actions.

When we fall, and most of us fall all the time, we simply get up. But we often get lost in our minds. We over-analyze and dwell on the mistakes by sitting around feeling sorry, empty, lost, or upset about the fall. We trap ourselves in our own minds by being absorbed into imagining the what-ifs, what could have happened if I…, if only…, etc.

Learn to avoid this process of self-scrutinizing and look at the experience from a different perspective. Zoom out! The fall and the loss is only part of the journey. The fall exists to help us grow. We get to see and learn about our attachments.

You take one step and you fall on your face. And you get up. You brush yourself off and you look sheepishly at God and then you take another step. And you fall on your face. And you get up and you said this is the spiritual journey. -Ram Dass




Growth is very much like the snake shedding off its skin. You can’t rip the skin off the snake 👁